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Are you interested in becoming a Angel Wings for Veterans-Wingmen for Angel Wings for Veterans? Please review the following links available to you.

1. Join Our Pilots

Join our group of pilots as we help others in need of transportation by clicking HERE!

Become A Pilot

2. Pilot Qualification Requirements

At Angel Wings for Veterans we fly patients, veterans and so many in need. Please visit this link to learn more HERE.

Pilot Qualification Requirements

3. Angel Wings for Veterans Pilots Are Safe

Volunteer Pilots associated with Angel Wings for Veterans and Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic have provided services to thousands of non-critically ill people for more than 30 years with a spotless safety record. The principal objective in any flight is safety. Each pilot will make his/her own “go/no go” decision, without pressure from Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic, as he/she is the best judge as to the status of the aircraft, weather, his/her physical condition and training and proficiency. To learn more about our Safety click HERE.


4. Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions about flying with us? Please click HERE

Pilot FAQ’s

5. Fuel Rebate

A pioneering rebate program, designed to support pilots that volunteer their aircraft and time to fly seriously ill patients who need specialized medical treatments, is being launched by Phillips 66® Aviation.

Starting June 1, 2010 pilots flying missions organized and approved by Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic and Airlift Hope will qualify for a $1-per-gallon rebate on fuel purchased using Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card at a Phillips 66 Aviation branded FBO. There are more than 713 Phillips 66 FBOs across the country. Click here to view the Phillips 66 Aviation FBO Locator. One of our partner regions (Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Northeast) is also included in this program.

The rebate applies to avgas purchased from a Phillips 66 Aviation dealer and paid with a Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card. The rebate is applied as a credit to the pilots Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card account.

Fuel Rebate Program

6. Flight Guidelines

These guidelines are generally understood to be typical practices of experienced Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic pilots. Each pilot should make his/her own “go/no-go” decision, without pressure from Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, as he/she is the best judge as to the status of the aircraft, weather, his/her physical condition and training status and proficiency. Learn more by clicking HERE

Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic Flight Guidelines

7. Post Flight Report

Please complete this form

Post Flight Report Form

8. Mercy Medical Angel Patient Transport Security Protocol

Please visit our Angel Wings for Veterans Security Protocol here

Medical Air Transportation – Patient Transport Security Protocol

9. Available Flights

Please visit this page to view Available flights

Available Flights

10. Free Air Medical Transport: Patient Transport Liability Release Form

Please complete this form

Free Air Medical Transport, Patient Transport Liability Release Form

If you love to fly, have access to an airplane and can take an occasional day off to make a difference in a child or adult’s life, Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic has an opportunity for you! Although there is no monetary payment, it is hard to place a value on the personal satisfaction you’ll receive by getting involved in charitable aviation. Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic matches passengers with pilots who generously donate their time, aircraft and fuel at no cost.

Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic pilots give because they care and want to help those who have a genuine financial and urgent need. Volunteer pilots are matched with missions originating in or linking through the District of Columbia, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. If travel outside the Mid-Atlantic region is required, Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic coordinates the mission with other members of the Air Charity Network linking two or more flights to help passengers reach their destination.

Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic does not certify either the pilots or the aircraft we arrange. This is the responsibility of the Federal Aviation Administration. Once we coordinate a mission, the pilot in command is responsible for all final details regarding the flight. If, for any reason the pilot and/or passenger is not comfortable with the match, they may contact our office, and we will try to suggest an alternative.

If you would like to become an Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic volunteer pilot, please phone our toll free number, 1-800-296-3797 to request a registration packet. Alternatively, you may click to fill out the Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic Volunteer Pilot Application online.

Please feel free to contact Dannie Ducksworth, Director of Program Operations, to discuss any questions you may have which are not answered on this site. To help answer your questions, she can also put you in touch with other pilots who are benefiting from their involvement in Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic.

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