Steven: Changed for the Better

Healing at Travis Mills Foundation

Steven served in the military after 9/11. He went to Afghanistan in 2004 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). While he was in Afghanistan, an IED exploded nearby. The blast wounded him. “I broke my jaw,” said Steven, “and had fractures in my neck, back, and leg.” When Steven returned home, he began a hard journey. He had to re-adjust to civilian life; this was more difficult with his injuries from the IED. One day, he heard about Travis Mills Foundation. Located in Maine, Travis Mills Foundation provides retreats for wounded veterans and their families.

However, Steven and his family live in North Carolina. The trip spanned more than 700 miles. Flying would be very expensive, and driving would take too long.

On Angel Wings

Fortunately for Steven, Angel Wings for Veterans stepped in to help. They provided charitable transportation to Travis Mills Foundation through a partnership with Southwest Airlines. “My family and I enjoyed our travel experience,” said Steven. In addition, he said: “Everyone was friendly and we had great pilots and associates.”

“Angel Wings for Veterans lifted a burden off my family’s shoulders,” said Steven. “We could fly instead of drive, and we didn’t have to worry financially.” When he describes Angel Wings for Veterans, Steven chooses a thankful answer: “Easy. Everything was taken care of.”

A Happy Ending

Steven and his family greatly enjoyed the retreat. “We are very grateful for this travel experience,” said Steven, “and appreciate all who made it possible. Thank you to all!”

When asked what he would say to potential donors, Steven answers with a great deal of hope. “You never know whose life you could change!” His answer comes from his own experience. Thanks to Angel Wings for Veterans and Travis Mills Foundation, Steven’s life has changed for the better.

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