service dog and veteran at office

Angel Wings for Veterans helps veterans obtain service dogs. From left to right: Tony (a Navy veteran), Cinch (service dog), Robb (President and CEO, Angel Wings for Veterans).

battle dawgs veterans build cabin

Battle Dawgs participants built a cabin (and framed three other cabins) in Alaska. More than building a structure, veterans rebuild their lives. Angel Wings for Veterans took care of transportation, a crucial but often-overlooked component in the healing process.

battle dawgs at home base

A group of veterans in front of the Battle Dawgs main building. Aside from the building projects, a typical retreat includes dogsledding, fishing, and camping.

military spouse retreat at the warrior connection

Military spouses at The Warrior Connection. Angel Wings for Veterans brings military families together through partnerships with organizations such as The Warrior Connection. Veterans and their families discover the deep meaning of three simple words: “You’re not alone.”

Lone survivor foundation and veterans

Veterans find healing at Lone Survivor Foundation retreats. Jeremy fought in OEF/OIF, and was recommended to attend a retreat. Angel Wings for Veterans provides transportation to experiences like these.

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