Megan: Rare Disease Won’t Stop Her

Megan: Rare Disease Won’t Stop Her Mercy Medical Angels

Rare Disease Diagnosis

Megan lives in Southern California. The area is known for sunny skies and warm weather year-round. It’s also a place of glamour and entertainment, home to Hollywood and the original Disneyland. However, Megan’s life isn’t all sunshine, smiles, and stars. She has a rare disease. Specifically, she has Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS).

She suffered “non-stop pain and nausea” for almost two years before receiving the MALS diagnosis. Then Megan ran into yet another problem. Megan said, “There are very few doctors where I live who are knowledgeable of this rare disease.” She had to go elsewhere for treatment.

Megan’s Flight

The best treatment option for Megan was a corrective surgery. She would have to fly to Cleveland Clinic. However, the renowned clinic was almost 2,000 miles away. Round trip airfare would drain Megan’s limited resources. She was still suffering from chronic abdominal pain, causing her quality of life to plummet.

That was when Megan found out about Mercy Medical Angels. The charity arranged a round trip flight through Southwest Airlines. Megan traveled from her home in Southern California to Cleveland Clinic. “Without Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest Airlines,” said Megan, “there’s no way this would have been possible.”

The surgery was successful. After that, Megan had to stay for a week in Cleveland. Then she was able to return home.


Nowadays, Megan is doing much better. She says that the transportation increased her quality of life. Also, the flights helped her to maintain physical and mental wellness.

When asked what she would say to donors, Megan’s answer spills forth in gratitude and joy. “Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest Airlines were there for me at one of the toughest times of my life. I can’t thank them enough! Forever grateful!”

Sometimes a rare disease puts life on hold. But thanks to Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest Airlines, Megan is unstoppable!

Megan won’t let a rare disease stop her!

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