Let’s Celebrate Carrie’s Story, A Mother’s Intuition Saves Her Daughters Life

My name is Teresa, and I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. When my youngest, Carrie was just three months old, she stopped eating, and I knew something was wrong. At first, our family pediatrician suggested we try a different formula. My mother’s intuition said it was something more, and after several tests, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was referred to a pediatric specialist at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas. The doctor’s office is over 700 miles from our home. We do not have the financial means to travel this long distance, and all I could think of was how I could get my baby there so she could see the specialist and receive the life-saving medical care she needed.
When I called to make her an appointment, the doctor’s office recommended Mercy Medical Angels as a possible solution for our transportation needs. Cathy, a Mercy Medical Angels mission coordinator, was so professional and helpful she immediately went into action and was able to provide us airline tickets at no cost to us. I cried tears of joy because this alleviated the burden of transportation for Carrie’s specialized treatment plan.
Without the help of Mercy Medical Angels, we would not be celebrating Carrie’s 5th birthday next month. My husband and I are thankful that Mercy Medical Angels was there when we needed them and we want them to be able to continue to be there for families like ours. So we reached out to Robb Alpaugh, President of Mercy Medical Angels. He said, “It’s simple we follow our mission to ensure we help as many patients as we can.”
“The mission of Mercy Medical Angels is to ensure that no one in need is denied medical care because they don’t have transportation. Mercy Medical Angels provides FREE transportation on the ground with gas cards, bus and train tickets and in the air with commercial airlines and general aviation flights. Mercy Medical Angels serves children, adults, elderly and veterans every day.”
Our story is one of many. Mercy Medical Angels provides transportation to and from life-saving medical care to patients in need. They are HOPE Delivered Daily.
Mercy Medical Angels needs your HELP! Please support the mission and make a gift to Mercy Medical Angels to celebrate Carrie’s birthday or in honor of Mother’s Day! Your donation will allow families, like ours, the opportunity to live the full, happy lives they deserve.
Donate today by returning your donation in the envelope provided or donate online at www.MercyMedical.org/donate-now

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