Johnnie: Beating Pancreatic Cancer

Johnnie: Beating Pancreatic Cancer Mercy Medical Angels

Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Seven years ago, Johnnie was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. Because of the disease, he had to quit his job and apply for disability benefits. After two years, he had to apply for Medicare as well. Johnnie couldn’t find adequate treatment in his home state of Alabama. Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Illinois offered him flight assistance so he could receive radiation and chemo.

Red Tape

“This is where things got all messed up,” said Johnnie. A representative from Medicare told him that the cancer center couldn’t help with transportation anymore. “And just like that, my transportation to treatment ended.”

Mercy Medical Angels to the Rescue

Luckily for Johnnie, he found out about Mercy Medical Angels. Mercy Medical Angels provided flight assistance for Johnnie, so he could go to the treatments he needed. “In my mind,” said Johnnie, “they are nothing short of a godsend!”

As of 2015, Johnnie is in remission. “My cancer mysteriously vanished,” he said, “much to the amazement of my medical team.” However, the team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America wanted to be on the safe side. They required Johnnie to go back once a year for scans and blood tests. This was to make sure the cancer would not return; if it did, they could stop it early. Mercy Medical Angels has continued to fly him to checkups for the past four years. “Every time I have contacted them, they have been very professional and caring.”

“You Have Been My Angels”

Johnnie dyes his beard purple, the color for pancreatic cancer. He says, “It’s a great conversation starter so I can share with folks my journey.” It’s a journey that Mercy Medical Angels made possible.

“If it weren’t for the assistance from Mercy Medical Angels, I am not sure what I would have done. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you. You have been my angels!”

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