Donna: Lifted to a Better Life

Donna: Lifted to a Better Life Mercy Medical Angels

Operation Needed

Donna lives just outside Philadelphia. The city is famous for its role in history, holding artifacts such as the Liberty Bell. Unfortunately, Donna and the bell have something in common: damage. A rare disease takes a toll on Donna’s health. The only way to treat this was a complicated operation. “I could not find the help I needed where I live.” said Donna.

After much prayer and research, Donna found a surgeon in Fort Myers, Florida. “It was a journey for me, trying to find the right surgeon with the best outcome,” said Donna. This one was one of the best in his field, and could help Donna through the “very complicated” operation. “He is highly skilled and was willing to do his best to regain my quality of life.”

There was just one problem. Donna was unable to afford the cost of travel to Florida.

Making Contact

At a desperate moment, Donna found out about Mercy Medical Angels. The non-profit has a partnership with American Airlines, enabling patients to fly to medical care. “I contacted Mercy Medical Angels,” said Donna, “and I was approved!” Donna also needed a companion to assist before and after her operation. Mercy Medical Angels was able to help her with that as well. She and her companion could have round-trip tickets from Philadelphia to Florida.

“Mercy Medical Angels books our flights, requests a wheelchair, and secures our seats,” said Donna. “Everyone was so nice to us.”

Uplifting Results

Donna’s operation was successful. After that, the flight home was “easy to manage.” She’s now back home in Philadelphia, resting and regaining her strength.

“Many doors were opened,” said Donna, “when Mercy Medical Angels came through for me.” She adds, “I was well taken care of the whole time. My gratitude goes deep!”

Thanks to Mercy Medical Angels and American Airlines, patients like Donna can travel to a life-changing operation. From there, the partnership lifts them to a better life.

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