Stories from Grateful Patients: Terry Mercy Medical Angels This was the last chance I had before I was removed from a transplant list. I was unable to cover my transportation to a medical appointment in another state. My medical provider would only pay after I returned from my trip (they now refuse to cover myRead More
Stories from Grateful Patients: Lillie Mercy Medical Angels Thanks to Mercy Medical Angels, Lillie is ready for action! For three chaotic, heartbreaking years, I watched my once-healthy daughter, Lillie, spiral downward into a mere shell of the vibrant, athletic, energetic person that she had always been. She was in sports, played the drums and piano,Read More
Stories from Grateful Patients: Tina Mercy Medical Angels I have a rare kidney disease called Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome. It causes constant flank pain that will not be touched by any pain medication. The only “cure” for LPHS is a kidney auto transplant which is not performed in many places. I found out about UW-HealthRead More
Wayne: From Surviving To Thriving Mercy Medical Angels Just Surviving Wayne is a veteran who lives in El Paso, Texas. His experiences in combat led to PTS. Life was getting difficult for him. It was a matter of just surviving day to day. “Traditional therapies didn’t help me very much,” said Wayne. He wanted toRead More

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