Be Courteous with Fireworks, Mercy Medical Angels Serves Veterans with PTSD

Mercy Medical Angels would like to take a moment to remind our supporters about being considerate of your 4th of July celebrations. Not all wounds are visible, a veteran near you could have PTSD. Has your heart ever started pounding in time with the fireworks?  

A veteran with PTSD has!

  Have you ever plugged your ears or looked away?  

A veteran with PTSD has!

Regardless of how they react, how they feel is often the same, overwhelmed. Mercy Medical Angels serves veterans through our Angel Wings for Veterans program. Like you, we care about those that have served our country and want to make sure we are all mindful during our celebrations. How can you help? You may plan to set off your fireworks on your own; this could be unsafe, but it may also cause a reaction for veterans with PTSD. Don’t pressure someone into attending and give your neighbors heads ups. Our Angel Wings for Veterans program ensures that no veteran in need is denied medical care due to a lack of transportation. Because of our community partners, volunteers and donors, we provide transportation on the ground with gas cards, bus and train tickets and in the air through commercial airlines and volunteer pilot flights.
Everyday 22 veterans end their life.

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